Kids Club


Our Kids Club is a Children’s Ministry, ages 3 year old to 6th grade.
Our program is FUN! We meet every Wednesday at 7:00 PM which include a lesson about Christ and His Deity, a craft to enforce the lesson learned, a game time which reflects lesson concept and finally a snack time.

You’ll agree that all Parents want the best for their children, right? They would like their kids to become successful adults. Kids Club is geared to help kids develop self-esteem, good morals, and responsibility.

Our Kids Club helps kids have fun, learn new skills, build relationships, study the Bible, and ultimately, learn to live for Christ in every aspect of life.

With Kids Club, you can make sure your child is around good Christian friends, learns biblical principles, and important life skills become a part of your kids busy schedules.

Who would not want that for their children?

Registering your kids is simple! To register your kids simply call
(661) 746-6441, Or pick up a registration form at the Church office.

Join the Fun!